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Hermippe Wrinkle Care Massager (Usual Price: $59)


A new innovation anti-aging device to help skincare penetrate deeper into your skin is here!   It has a remarkable effect on your wrinkles when used with anti-wrinkle care products.  

This Magic Auto Vibration Massager was created with the latest Emotional Technology!  It operates automatically when the massage head comes in contact with the skin surface and it would adjust automatically to your skin conditions and the amount of skincare applied. A strong vibration is generated for a large amount of skincare. As the effective ingredients are absorbed deep into the skin, the intensity of vibration gradually becomes weaker and will automatically ceases when the applied cream is fully absorbed into the skin.

Special Features:- Wrinkle and Nutrition Care (Ion induction effect), vibration Massage Effect (Physical induction effect using minute vibration), specially designed for wrinkle areas around the eyes,mouth,and nose, and compact size (10 cm) to accompany your cosmetics (Finger-size Ion Induction Machine).

Direction for use:- Put suitable amount of cream or serum on the wrinkle part and around eyes.  Massage gently with the massager to introduce the cosmetic into skin around eyes and wrinkle part.  The massager will automatically cease when the applied skincare are fully absorbed into the skin.

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