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Skin Watchers Natural Pure Cleansing Oil


Skin Watchers Natural Pure Cleansing Oil is pure, lightweight & colorless oil. It’s an ideal make up remover and an effective skin care that won't clog or block your pores.

It has Vitamin E from Apricot kernel oil that effectively conditions, moisturizes and protects your skin while removing, dirt and make up residues. Apricot seeds contain linoleic acid and oleic acid that penetrates the skin making it more soft and supple.

It contains Vitamin A, Mineral and Tocopherol which are effective ingredients for treatments for wrinkles and heals the skin.

It also has Macadamia nut oil that moisturizes and protects your skin while you clean.

Skin Watchers Natural Pure Cleansing Oil is free from coloring matter, mineral oil, alcohol, artificial perfume, paraben and dimethicone.

It has natural herbal ingredients such as Burdock, Lemon, Sage, Hop and Calendula that effectively hydrates and nourishes your skin.

It has fresh and natural lemon scent that suits and calms your face. Lemon extract also takes care of the black heads and pores on your skin.

Made in Korea

Content: 150ml

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