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YADAH is a specially formulated skincare designed for teenagers and young adults as this particular age range have younger and more tender skin which makes them more vulnerable to the harsh chemical found in many other brands.  As YADAH products are very gentle, they are suitable for all ages and all skin types.

YADAH products are 100% free from artificial coloring, mineral oils, sulphates & animal extracts. 

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Product Features


Every basic skincare product is based on extracts of organic Opuntia ficus (Cactus plant) and natural vegetable property as well, it improves skin problems effectively.

The Korean native opuntia (Cactus plant) has so strong life force as to live in the winter open place under -20°C. The extracts from this opuntia have antioxidization and so help obstruct formation of lipoperoxide and slow down aging of the skin. 

This opuntia contains more flavonoids, dietary fiber, calcium, vitamine C, amino acid, inorganic matters, saponine and amino acid complex polysaccharide than other plants.

Flavonoid, especially, as it has anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties, is highly good for atopy treatment. 


Specialized for sensitive and troubled skin

Pure and low chemical ingredients made mild skincare products.

They contain No Artificial Dyes, No Artificial Perfume, No Synthetic Surface Active Agent and Natural Antiseptic from the Cactus extract, they are suitable for all skin types.  


Product quality & design (their #1 priority)

A pure beauty product for brighter & radiant skin, it helps skin to absorb well and smoothly, and unique & attractive characterized design.  

To protect the environment as well as the skin of customer, YADAH will continuously research and launch other skin care items based on natural and authentic products.

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