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Skin Watchers Acne Buster Magic Powder


Intensive Natural Trouble Care


Skin Watchers Acne Buster Magic Powder is very effective to combat pimples, suppress the main cause of acne, skin calming effect, detoxification, enhancing immune cell activity, cleanse your skin, fight blemishes & prevent new ones from forming and gently heal damaged skin. 

Ideal for soothing acne trouble skin effectively, mitigates dark spots and scars left by trouble skin.  Ingredients.

Do not squeeze your pimples and spots!  Tap those with a cotton swab.


Key Ingredients


Dryopteris Crassirhizoma Extract

Suppress the main cause of acne - priopione bacterium & prevent acne/ blemishes forming & gently heal the skin


Witch Hazel Extracts

Has excellent skin calming effect & suppress dryness & itchiness


Dimethyi Sulfone




By enhancing all immune call activity, Bacteria, Virus, fungus & numerous infections may be prevented


Hyaluronic Acid

It will form a protective film layer in your skin to enhance the maintenance of moisture


Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water 

Has high Phytonide content will cleanse your skin, fight the blemishes & prevent new ones from forming & gently heal damaged skin.


Special Features

The pimple itself is not a problem.

The problem is the scars or dents that your squeezing leaves on your face.

Tap your pimples and scars with a cotton swab. There'll be no scars.

Our light beige powder removes your pimples to roots without leaving a scar.

The extracts from machixien and retinispora which are full of phytoncides cures the pimples and spots without stimulating your face.

Also the ingredients coming from scutellaria baicalensis (黃金草) and cinnamon trees make your skin smooth and even.


Thick oil and mineral ingredients always block your pores.

Skin Watchers Acne buster magic powder doesn't block your pores.

It helps to remove dead skin cells and makeup residue with the help of natural extracts.

The less burden you place on your skin, the better.



Available day and night.

While other similar products are to be used during the day, this magic powder might be used day and night. It physically blocks the sun rays off your skin.  


How to use


Do not shake the bottle content before usage.

Use a cotton swab.   

Put a cotton swab into the powder and dab the brown powder settled at the bottom of the bottle. 

Apply it to your pimples or spots when necessary, day or night.