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Quotes I like the fact that it makes my face appears brighter and clearer after using it! Quotes
Patricia Tee - Review of Gembeauty Amethyst Cleanser
Beauty Blogger

Quotes The peeling gel + enzyme powder works really well on me! love it ^_^. I like how my skin feels clean and ultra soft after each wash. After a few days, my skin is less irritated and the redness of the angry bumps is reduced. Within a week, my skin cleared up and has become visibly smoother and healthier looking. Enlarged pores are more defined and there is no more formation of new pimples! Cool! Quotes
Janette Tan - Review of Skin Watchers Papaya Peeling Gel
Lifestyle Blogger

Quotes I Tried the Skin Watcher's 1)enzyme powder face wash,2)deep clean mild foam wash and 3)body emulsion.....!! 1)after using enzyme powder wash,skin feels and looks smooth,fresh and oil free.I would recommend this for oily and acne skin. 2)deep clean mild foam wash cleanses the skin and makes the skin surface smooth. 3)after using body emulsion/lotion my skin feels moist and smells good too:) Quotes
Prenuja Lala - Review on Skin Watchers
Poly Student

Quotes Masks were very moist, full of goodness! The Brightening mask actually helps to lighten my melanin pigmentation, acne scars and improves my uneven skin tones. The Acne mask really help as I got lesser pimples after using it during my menses as compared to previous months. I like how my skin feels so soft and smooth after using them! Quotes
Samantha Wong - Review on Skinfactory Mask Packs
Beauty Giveaway winner - April 2011

Quotes I liked how handy the massager is. It's so compact that I can bring it around anywhere. Besides, not only can it be used for your eye area, it can be used on your face as well. I have tried it with a couple of my moisturizers and serums and it sure does help in allowing better absorption. Quotes
Patricia Tee - Review on Hermippe Massager
Blogger of (Feb 2011)

Quotes I must say that this cleanser foams and cleanse my skin rather well. My face feels very clean yet not stripped of its natural oil after using it. And best of all, it doesn't make my skin feel tight. I don't know about you but I hate cleansers or toner that makes my face feel tight after using it. Most of the time, its caused by products containing alcohol. Not to forget that its fragrance/scent-free! Rating: 4/5 Quotes
Patricia Tee - Review on Skin Factory Cleanser
Blogger of (14 May 2011)

Quotes I am fifty years old and have spent my time trying all products to make me look good. I was glad to come to know about this product on the internet . I?ve been using the skin care products a few months and I can really see a difference. The line on my forehead seem to fade a little after using the Botox. And I have also tried the various facial masks, it make my skin smoother and brighter. After a hard day work , using the masks , it really help to relax and at the same time make you feel great. I have also recommend the facial masks to my sister in law, she too find it good and convenience. The prices are reasonable. Quotes
Betty Goh - Review on BioFinesse Serum
Customer (03 May 11)

Quotes I like the Eye Bags Control Care and Stem Cell Serum as I can see visible results. I realize that my dark circles fade away after using it for a month. I will recommend the products to my friends as the prices are reasonable and products are very effective! Quotes
Karen Lim - Review of BioFinesse Serum
Customer (27 Apr 2011)

Quotes I've tried some of the masks and I must say they are really good. On my first trial, I fell asleep and woke with the cellulose mask still adhered closely to my facial contours. The mask was so steeply soaked that it did not dry up even after one hour! Besides being dermatologist tested, paraben free, I like the easy absorption and the optimal effects that the mask provides. The result is almost instantaneous and long lasting. I especially love how my skin felt soft and dewy the next morning after using the Aqua Mask and how the Nourishing Mask rejuvenate my skin and gave my otherwise, dull and shallow skin tone a radiant glow! Quotes
Janette Tan - Review of Skinfactory Mask Packs
Owner of Lifestyle Blog - lifelittletales (15 May 2011)