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Skin Watchers Spells Multi Care BB Cream 


Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle + Moisture + Nourishing + UV Sun protection (SPF37 PA++) + Natural skin tone + Soothing effect + Sebum control + Makeup primer 

Skin Watchers Spells Multi Care BB Cream is packed with SPF 37 PA++ to shield and protect the skin from the harmful sun rays (UVA and UVB), contains skin soothing and regenerating properties.

It is multi-function cream that is use as a moisturizer, sun block, anti-wrinkle, concealer, make-up primer, skin whitener and oil-control.

Skin Watchers BB Cream is one the best blemish balm cream in the market. It has an anti-oxidant and is soft and gentle to the skin. It contains naturals extracts that moisturizes and protects skin, improves fine lines and wrinkles and lightens the skin. It is water-proof, stays on your skin even when you sweat.



  • 100% Hypoallergenic Products,
  • Non Comedogenic
  • Waterproof & long lasting without any oily or whitish effect.
  • Effectively controls the sebum & Oil
  • Does not include Tarc unlike any of our competitors (Tarc is reportedly harmful & may cause cancer)
  • Blend into the skin to correct the skin tone naturally with velvety smooth texture to conceals blemishes & discoloration on face (acne, age spot, dark circles, sun spots & scars) while allowing the skin to breathe, thanks to a fresh & light texture. 
  • Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skins to help create a youthful, healthy complexion
  • Quality Guaranteed



  • Skin is intensely hydrated and protected from UV-aging
  • Immediately, blemishes, fine lines and brown spots visibly fade out
  • Complexion is long lastingly unified for a fairer, glowing and more radiant skin



Active Ingredients


Allantoin: Is healing, moisturizing, soothing and ant irritating. It is also a valuable cell-proliferating healing agent which stimulates healthy tissue formation.

Vitamin E acts as anti-oxidant, reduces scar and promotes healing.

Arbutin: brighten up your skin and the whitening effect of the product is approved by KFDA.

Elastomer gel fills up the surface of your skin to make making your face even and smooth.



Macadamia nut oil:-  This oil is a top most ranking ingredient & believed to have the most similar characteristics to human skin.  It enhances the texture of the BB cream to spreads easily & evenly.  It also balances the oil & moisture level in your skin to look neat and hydrated.

Mild & natural fragrances extracted from Lavender, Lily, edelweiss and Iris

With soothing & anti-oxidant properties from a potent blend of plant extracts such as black bean, iris, black rice, lily, edelweiss, lotus, rose, jasmine, freesia, daffodil, black pearl, it deeply hydrates, nourishes the skin, makes your skin resilient and also protecting your skin cells from being damaged.

Special Features


No Tarc

Our bb cream is the only BB cream that do not includes Tarc.  Tarc is a common ingredients of BB creams and makeup products to make your skin silky but Tarc is reportedly harmful and can cause cancer.


Whitening and Sun Protection

Effectively protects you from UVB and UVA with the help of sun screen agents.  UVA rays (95% of total UV rays from the sun) cause premature skin aging, brown spots and fine lines.  UVB rays burn the skin and contribute to cancer)


Multi-function as a makeup primer, concealer and a foundation

It provides the coverage of a foundation without clogging pores and gives a glow to your complexion at the same time


Water proof with long-lasting power.

It can stay at least 10 hours on your face without any need to touching up your make-up.


Controls the sebum and oil.

The sebum control powder adjusts the sebum and oil with efficiency, helping your face to look natural. Spells BB cream blends into your skin tone about 5~10 minutes after it’s applied to your skin


How to use


After the stage of basic skin care, take a small dab of bb cream and spread it gently on your face.

When you apply our Spells BB cream, you should apply a very small amount because it is a Tarc-free product and in order to achieve that we used macadamia oil which is believed to have the most similar characteristics to human skin.  It spreads so well with the help of that naturally extracted oil. 


Why chose Skin Watchers BB Cream?


Our BB cream is the only BB cream that do not includes Tarc.  Tarc is a common ingredients of BB creams and makeup products to make your skin silky but Tarc is reportedly harmful and can cause cancer

Tarc, an ingredient widely used to make an asbestos and construction materials, is a dangerous thing that often causes various cancers. It plays a key role to make the feel of the product dry and soft in a skin care product.

The only way to make the bb cream dry and soft even after removing Tarc is to replace it with other natural ingredients but no one try to do so because:-

1)         It is technically difficult and it’s next to impossible.

2)         It is expensive. Often times, the real cost of ingredients to make a bb cream without Tarc becomes 3 or more times as high as that of a usual Tarc bb cream.

Even though Tarc makes your skin easily dry and soft with the possibility of causing cancers, it can not stay stable in the product. So that all the other bb creams that contain Tarc becomes dark in a few hours and you would probably have to reapply your make up again in the afternoon.