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Chamos Acaci

Chamos Acaci brand has been specializing in natural yet effective skincare products for many years since 1992.

Chamos Cosmetic have been researching and developing to maximize the natural skin care effects by using natural ingredients extracted from plants and fruits.  They provide excellent natural skin care effects using natural fruits and plants extracts for all skin condition and types that are combined with the best functional basic ingredients.


Our range includes:-

Basic Make-up

Consist of Face Primer & BB Cream (SPF 45PA++)


Consist of Special Fruits Cleanser

Basic Care

Consist of Basic Day & Night Cream

Special Care

Consist of Magic Brightening Mask, Trouble Care, Liquid Oil Blotter, Vitamins C powder etc.

Anti-aging Care

Consist of Snail range








All Chamos products are manufactured in Korea and they are:-

  • harvested from nature's best to bring the balance and radiance back to your skin. 
  • their natural components will not only enhance your beauty but address your skin problems at the same time, thereby assuring a beautiful you, inside and out.
  • manufactured under full quality control & certified under ISO9001. 
  • alcohol-free & paraben-free
  • KFDA Approved