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Skinfactory Honey Eye Patch

Discover how your eyes brightens up after using our Eye Dream Honey Patch.  It helps to combat Dark Eye Circles, visibly reduce Puffiness & Fine Lines. Try it today and your 'eyes' will never be the same again!


By applying these patches under the eye area for 20-40 minutes, you will see immediate signs of reduced wrinkles, eye puffiness, and an overall fresher look.  It hydrates, repairs and soothes your entire eye area giving you a rested look!  


Special Features


Skinfactory Eye Dream Honey Patches are rich in honey, adenosine, and hamamelis virginana leaf extracts.  This works together to smooth your eye contours, while reducing the appearance of eye wrinkles and fine lines. 

Patches hydrate, repair, and soothe your entire eye area.  By applying these patches under the eye area for 20-40 minutes, the appearance of fine lines is reduced and the areas under the eyes appear brighter.


Main Ingredients



(1)   Honey is an emollient and creates a watertight film, allowing skin to rehydrate itself.  It is moisturizing, softening, sweet and fragrant.  Additionally, honey’s most common natural skin care benefit is related to the treatment of acne. 

(2)   Adenosine is vital in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and dryness that occur with aging.  Totally non-invasive, Adenosine works from within to help repair damaged skin and encourage healthy, younger-looking, and more nourished skin to emerge.

(4)   Hamamelis Virginana (Witch Hazel) Leaf extract enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin and helps to reduce inflammation, sanitizing the skin and restoring the elasticity of the skin.  

How to use mask

1.   After washing face, apply toner.

2.  After opening the package, peel patch from plastic liner and apply eye patch under eye area

3.  Remove after 20-40 minutes.


For best results, use eye cream after using eye patches.

  • After washing your face in the morning, use eye patches to improve circulation and clear skin. 
  • Store patches in the refrigerator prior to use for a more refreshing feeling.

Made in Korea, Content: 2.7g