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About Us

Established in October 2010, Beauty Finest aims to bring innovative and effective beauty products devoted to your well-being by rejuvenating and restoring the skin's natural renewing power within you.  

Our products are harvested from nature’s best to bring the balance back to your skin.  Their natural components not only enhance your beauty but address your skin problems at the same time, thereby assuring a beautiful you, inside and out. 

We are on a constant lookout to bring new and fabulous products for our customers which are both natural and effective. Currently we carry products from Europe and Korea.  Our European brand is BioFinesse and our Korean brand are Skin Factory,   Skin Watchers , YADAH and Chamos Acaci. 

All Products that we carry are approved by the home country regulators, patented and are manufactured under full quality control.  We stick to natural products and we make sure that they are 100% safe and effective using only the finest essential oils and safe synthetics.


Our Philosophy

We believe that every woman, regardless of her age, should possess skin and a sense of well-being that she can be proud of.

Our beauty products are devoted to your well-being and sensory delight.  They are made from natural active ingredients from Germany and France. 

Best Quality
We offer the best quality natural skincare for all skin types. All our products are registered with HSA. 


Our European Brand - BioFinesse

BioFinesse means life’s finest. We believe in bringing beauty's best to you.  Our products range include Ampoules, Masks, Creams & Treatment Sets.

BioFinesse offers a complete range of skincare for all skin types. Every product was formulated to work perfectly with the skins natural processes to renew, restore and rejuvenate.


Our products are imported from world renowned manufacturers who conform to the European Cosmetic Directive and the Good Manufacturing Process stipulated by the standard NF EN ISO 22716.  All products are registered with Singapore Health Science Authority. 


Skin Factory (Korean)

Skin Factory is a trusted Korean Brand which started as a cosmetics brand founded by a group of medical specialists (from Seoul National University) to offer pure & natural skincare products which emphasize the wellbeing & balance of the skin.  

Pure & natural is what they aspire to be.  They do away with artifical ingredients and scents that may irritate and harm the skin.  All their products are fragrance-free, pigment-free, preservative-free, alcohol-free and mineral oil free.  All their products are certified under ISO9001.

Their products include award wining masks, facial wash, toner, day & night moisturises, serum and BB cream.


Skin Watchers (Korean)

Skin Watchers is a brand that is natural, effective and most important of all, affordable.

Beauty products are everywhere. But rarely can you find a brand from ever increasing range of natural, herbal, and organic cosmetics that's worth your money. In Skin Watchers, we take a great pride in only setting the best and purest beauty products. Our goal is to continually develop products you can trust, in quality and affordability. 

We’ve been developing unique concepts and formulas to continually meet and main­tain customers’ satisfaction through various researches by our fully trained researchers. We take pride to live with the following values:

1. Refine and standardize quality of the products through continuous researches.

2. Continually develop globally competitive products and provide services that will bring our customers better trust, confidence and efficiency.