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Skinfactory Ampoule Mask Pack

Dermatologist tested, Paraben Free,

Using Premium Cellulose Mask & contains high capacity 30ml.

Skinfactory Mask Pack is a cosmeceutical brand based on clinical experience of dermatologists fromSeoul National University.  It went through vigorous testing to ensure that it is suitable even for women with sensitive skin.  

It provides effective, clinical quality aesthetic care in your home and professional dermatological effects can be expected.  If you have thought of going to a dermatologist clinic, now it is the time to try Skinfactory mask sheet!


Every mask was formulated to work perfectly with the skins natural processes to renew, restore and rejuvenate.  

All their masks are individually packed and soaked in 30ml of treatment essence, making it the highest content essence mask in Korea.  Additionally, with its long, natural cotton fiber, the silky cellulose mask provides excellent adhesion for optimal effect as the Cellulose in the mask sheet is made up of filament from pure cotton.

Skinfactory IPL/ Brightening Mask

Brighten your complexion while intensively revitalize your skin by inhibits melanin formation, lightens melanin pigmentation & acne scars, improves uneven skin tones and prevents the formation of freckles and age spots effectively.



Skinfactory Aqua Mask


Moisturizes and protects skin from Dryness.

Suitable for sensitive skin effectively boost & lock the moisture content and stabilizes the bond ability of water in the skin to hydrates & restore suppleness



Skinfactory Lifting Mask


Provide strong firming and lifting to skin that has lost its elasticity effectively lifts and restores skin firmness and elasticity.

The skin is perceptibly smoother, firmer and looks fresh and juvenile.


Skinfactory Collagen Mask



Boost collagen production and strengthen the elasticity of the skin to maintain a youthful & radiant complexion by restoring moisture, suppleness and firmness of the skin



Skinfactory Acne Care Mask


Target acne-prone skin. 

Helps to purify the skin for a clear and radiant complexion by effectively reduces impurities, regulates & control sebum and oil.   



Skinfactory Vitamin Mask


Provides vitamins to cultivate bright and clear skin.



How to use Mask effectively

  1. Tear off the right bottom corner of the mask labelled “1” to squeeze out the excess treatment essence into a clean container for future use. Keep chilled (to be used within 5 days).
  2. Open the packaging by tearing the foil from the area marked “2” to retrieve the mask
  3. Ideally, use the mask for 30 to 45 minutes
  4. For a second round of facial treatment, use the essence collected the previous day as a gel mask

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